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June 26, 2016

Most States Need Storm Shelters OKC

Most States Need Storm Shelters OKC

Reason I’m writing an article on tornado shelters is that so many states are hit annually and when we were moving several companies we were actually hit by a small tornado. So, this brings us to a company called Storm Shelters OKC. They helped us through this horrible time and we want to give back to them by writing about the quality of work that they did for us.

Storm Shelters OKC is located in Oklahoma City, however they service all other surrounding cities as well. This company has been in the storm/tornado shelter business for decades now. It constantly changes so one needs to make sure any shelter that is bought that it is built up to the annual standards needed to withstand and F5 tornado and/or storm. Without a FEMA built shelter, it might not withstand one of the hardest tornado.

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The way these storm shelter help us is by either having one placed underground or above ground in your garage or actually whereever there can be placed. Tornado safe rooms are the same as storm shelters, just called by different names. Again, one needs to make sure wherever one chooses to purchase the storm shelter, make sure it is built by the standards needed.

At Storm Shelters OKC one can be assured that every single storm shelter is built up to the necessary standards to withstand an F5 tornado. In all the tornados that happen annually, thousands of them, when the big ones hit most of the shelters that are still standing are literally from Storm Shelters OKC. There are other companies that build great shelters as well. But as far as we are concerned this company is highly recommend by us and many others in the community that have been through these horrible natural disasters.


June 23, 2016

Movers Denver Needed

Movers Denver Needed

This moving company is located in Denver, CO and when in need of a reliable, affordable and efficient moving company, contact Movers Denver today! We actually used them for one of our medical billing locations in the Denver, Colorado community and we were so shocked by the great service with moving an entire business without any hitches.

Moving an entire business office is a very detailed and hard move. It has to be done with precision and detail to all the equipment that needs to leave one location and get to another without damaging them. We all know how expensive office equipment can be!

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As well as moving business offices, Movers Denver also moves residential homes and apartments. This company was actually a referral which comes highly recommended. Referrals are really the best way to get the word out on any business, whether that is a new business or an older one. That’s why so many people go to where a referral came from either from other business owners, friends or family. That is really the best way to run your business is by having people talk about it in the best way possible. That means great customer service and affordable prices.

So, by all means if you or someone you know is looking for a great moving company in Denver, CO we have the perfect company for you at Movers Denver! Again, we can not tell you enough about this moving company and we are hoping they move all over the USA so they can help all others with their moving expertise…

Movers Denver has been around for over a decade now serving all communities of the Denver area. All employees are well-trained and take pride in all the work they do for all customers. They will move your office, home and or apartment like it was their own!



March 26, 2016

National Medical Billing Services

National Medical Billing Services

Physician billing services will meet all of the medical specialty needs as well as regular physicians practices. We all realize that every practice’s passion and all of their focus needs to be devoted to their patients. The National Medical Billing Services have passion and focus which is totally devoted to assisting the assigned practice.

National Medical Billing Services will offer customized physician medical billing services that will meet the needs of every speciality your practice may have. It will be with quality and personalized custom care. They have many years of expert experience in this industry which backs all diverse range of clients. They will confidently provide the most comprehensive way in which outsourcing your practice’s quality needs will be met. Doesn’t matter if your practice is adding on new areas or simply opening the door for the first time to its patients, their expert national medical billing services will provide the process and give all support needed. They will train all staff members on our the quality software, and/or take care of your entire medical billing system – the choice will be yours.

National Medical Billing Services will not only simplify ones revenue management cycle with their customizable assistance, they will also lower all the errors in the medical billing process and maximize revenue more efficiently. To strengthen the financial stability of your practice, hire this company National Medical Billing Services today.

Medical billing is a unique industry because a doctor regularly sees patients of all different age groups with different ailments, and many patients in the same family unit is billed to the same provider. For this, the family national medical billing services can actually simplify the entire billing process, even though there is an increased number of patients and number of cases to be attended to.

March 10, 2016

Medical Billing Services Atlanta GA Explained

Medical Billing Services Atlanta, GA Explained

Let’s start with the billing process of medical billing, which is easily stated as when the medical provider and the insurance company have some kind of communication. The billing cycle is what this is called. The medical billing services Atlanta GA cycle will be maybe days to months to finish, sometimes talking between the two parties needs to be done.

This medical billing process starts when the medical care provider’s patient visits the office. The patient’s medical record will be updated telling of the diagnosis, treatment and all other imperative information. This information is then put into an electronic recording system fo updates and such.

The patient’s record then makes a 5-digit procedural code from the evaluation from the doctor. That code is the put into the procedural terminology database system. They also verbally put the diagnosis in the record just for an extra layer of record. All of these codes are used in the medical billing process for the claims. This is what the Medical Billing Quotes provides for thousands of practices.

The medical billing specialists then give these codes to the insurance company. Most likely this will be done with the electronic system known as ANSI 837 file, and then it automatically transmits to the correct insurance company. It is then processed. Medical Billing Services Atlanta GA knows all this and how to expedite all claims as well.

Medical claims adjusters/examiners processes the claims, however when the bigger dollar amounts are involved a medical director will process the claim. Then the claim is approved and the medical provider is reimbursed based on whatever pre-negotiated percentage they agreed upon. The rejected claims are all sent back to the provider with an Explanation of Benefits or Electronic Remittance Advice.


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March 10, 2016

Medical Billing Service for All States

Medical Billing Service for All States

Every medical practice needs medical billing service. Whether you are in the Southern states or in the Northern states, doesn’t matter, it is imperative that one’s practice hires outsourcing for their medical billing service.

When trying to chose a medical billing service company, it is one of the most imperative decisions one will make for their medical practice, clinic, group and/or hospital.

The regular office staff is usually not the expert in medical billing, so when they process these claims, how fast they are processed and how much money is paid on each claim can definitely affect not only the cash flow of the office, but also the practices net profit. By even collecting five percent more each claim will totally add up to tens of thousands of dollars in that year, which will shorten collection times anywhere from sixty  or more days to less than 25 days. That will be the difference between being able to pay the bills or having to borrow the capital.

Check out the below criteria when choosing a medical billing service.

What you want to see is that the medical billing service company collects about 99.7% for the doctors, physicians, clinics, which is some of the highest collection rates in this industry.

The best average claims process should only take about 22 days. You also want to know how many years of experience they have in the medical billing service industry. You want the medical billing service to at least be over 10 years. The quality of the medical billing specialists have to be of the utmost best.

Also, make sure that there is an ease of the software such as EMR and EHR Software. Also, make sure there is compatible training in all. This medical billing software is very easy to use, and have them offer medical billing training for your staff, at zero cost.